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Instant Quote & Booking Form

This form is to authorise the works required to upgrade the smoke alarms and smoke alarm installations in your property to meet the 2022 Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation requirements.

By signing this form, you acknowledge the following:
  • Smoke Alarm Compliance QLD will attend the property nominated below and install/ replace the required number of smoke alarms in the property to meet 2022 QLD smoke alarm legislation requirements.
  • The pricing structure outlined below provides an indicative quote only. Additional smoke alarms may be required in a property with a unique layout .eg Smoke alarms must be installed in every bedroom of a home and at least one smoke alarm should be installed in the most likely path of travel to exit the dwelling. Eg. Two bedrooms, single level dwellings must have at least three alarms installed due to the legislation involving exit points of bedrooms/hallways. Multi-level dwellings will require an alarm on each level regardless of containing a bedroom or not.
  • Smoke Alarm Compliance QLD will notify you by email following our attendance if additional alarms were installed.
  • Smoke Alarm Compliance QLD will install the required number of Alarms for $125 per alarm, in order to meet the 2022 QLD smoke alarm legislation requirements.
  • Upgrade to 2022 compliance will be scheduled at the next available time slot as determined by Smoke Alarm Compliance QLD.
  • A Real Estate Agent must have the authority to approve the full value of the upgrade if signing on behalf of a Landlord and accepts the responsibility for the invoice cost if the owner declines payment or the property becomes no longer managed.
  • You agree to accept the Standard Terms of Service. Please see