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In October 2020, the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services released their QFES Community Insights Survey 2020. This included some very concerning statistics relating to the new smoke alarm legislation. It stated that only a fifth of all Queensland residential premises have interconnected smoke alarms installed. As well as surprisingly only 59% of Queenslanders are aware of the new legislation coming into effect on the 1st of January 2022.

Are you compliant?

As of the 1st of January 2022 all rental properties in Queensland must be fitted with interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in all bedrooms as well as other important areas within the property.

No property in Queensland can now be sold or leased without being compliant with this new legislation, act now and upgrade your rent roll’s smoke alarms.

How is the health of your rent roll in terms of smoke alarm compliance. Are your landlords aware of their obligations under the new legislation and can you ensure the ongoing compliance of all of your properties?

Hassle free compliance

Enquiry today or Register your properties through our website. At Smoke Alarm Compliance Qld, we specialise in guaranteeing smoke alarm compliance. We are passionate about what we do, and we do it well. Our team of specialists across Queensland can have your rent roll upgraded within a matter of weeks. Giving you and your Landlords peace of mind, knowing their properties will be eligible for lease renewal in 2022. Our simple pricing structure makes things clear for your Landlords and there are no hidden costs.

One price, regardless of what type of smoke alarm!
The large volume of smoke alarms we install, means great prices for the consumer. Not to mention the LIFETIME warranty on all components of the install.

Add in the limited time offer of the FREE wall mounted Smoke Alarm Controller, valued at $120 with every install, and we believe our package is unbeatable!

Property Managers and Landlords – Find out why you should not upgrade the smoke alarms in a property without the addition of a Smoke Alarm Controller.

When fully upgraded to meet the new Queensland government legislation, most properties will have between 4 to 6 interconnected smoke alarms – if one goes off, they all go off – this if it is a false alarm will be an incredibly loud and annoying experience. What will your tenant do when this happens?

With the Smoke Alarm Controller, there is no need for the tenant to put up with the incredibly loud noise for more than a few seconds, no need to run around the house trying to find out which smoke alarm is causing the problem, no need to get on a ladder. All the alarms can be silenced from the one wall mounted switch.

This will result in less maintenance calls to you (often in the middle of the night), less stress for your tenants and less cost for your owners. Tenants won’t need to break a smoke alarm to stop it going off, saving on replacement costs.

No property should have their smoke alarms upgraded and interconnected without including the Smoke Alarm Controller.


At Smoke Alarm Compliance QLD we make smoke alarm compliance a walk in the park, leave it to us and we will ensure your obligations are met.


Our primary aim is to provide cost-effective and user-friendly services that will remove the stress involved with maintaining your smoke alarm compliance.

10 Year Product Manufacturer Warranty

Smoke Alarm Compliance QLD exclusively uses Australia's best Smoke alarms. All of which come with a full 10 year manufacturer warranty and as service agents for all the alarms we sell you will never be charged a call out fee for faulty alarms.

10 Year Battery Power

Don't get caught out by installers offering inferior products. Most other smoke alarms only offer a 5 year warranty and battery life, go with the best and avoid expensive replacement costs.

Smoke Alarm Controller

 Book your upgrade now and receive a FREE smoke alarm controller valued at $120. The best invention since the smoke alarm. Finally a way to silence all your smoke alarms at once in the middle of the night.

Safety, Quality & Reliability

At Smoke Alarm Compliance QLD we only use the best. All smoke alarms come with a full 10 year manufacturer warranty guaranteeing the smoke alarms for their entire life. According to government legislation all smoke alarms must be replaced every 10 years.

Time is ticking, ensure you’re properties meet the new requierments!

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“Smoke Alarm Compliance Qld have been Sell Exclusive's preferred Electrician for many years, from our first meeting to present they have always been helpful and accommodating, very customer service orientated with never a complaint from a tenant or owner. I would and do recommend them to everyone. ”

Amanda Mills, Sell Exclusive Real Estate


“Andrew and his team at Smoke Compliance QLD have been working with our agency and clients, providing clear & detailed information on the requirements to ensure all investment properties are compliant with the upcoming QLD 2022 regulations for Smoke Alarms in tenanted properties. We have found them to be skilled & knowledgeable about the new legislation and have delivered prompt & efficient service in both their quoting and installation of the systems. ”

Cate Thomas, Victoria Nicholson Property Management


“Smoke Alarm Compliance Qld have upgraded the smoke alarm systems of our rent roll. They were able to deliver their guarantee of compliance, quicker than we imagined. The installation of the wall-mounted smoke alarm controller has reduced maintenance calls.”

Claire Tyldesley, REMAX Advanced